Special Concerts


The 6th “Fantastic Orchestra”

The 6th “Fantastic Orchestra”
青島 広志
Hiroshi Aoshima
14:00, Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Izumi Hall
Cond.: Hiroshi Aoshima
Organ: Satoko Harada
Tenor: Tsutomu Ono
原田仁子   小野 勉
S.Harada   T.Ono
Rossini: “William Tell” Overture(Excerpts)
Necke: Csikos Post
Anderson: Sleigh Ride
Mozart: “No.3 Sleigh Ride”
             from Drei deutsche Tänze K.605
Kishi/Aoshima: “Kagokaki”
Kainuma/Aoshima: “Mikan no hanasaku oka”
Nakayama/Aoshima: „Hoko wo osamete“
Ketélbey: In a Persian Market
Grieg: “Stormy Evening On The Sea” from “Peer Gynt”
Honegger: “Pacific 231” Mouvement symphonique
Saint-Saëns: Symphony No.3 in C minor, Op.78 (Excerpts)
Holst: “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity” from
          “The Planets” Suite, Op.32
【S】Adult4,000yen / Child1,500yen
【A】Adult3,000yen / Child1,200yen
【A:Parent & Child
         Adult2,400yen / Child800yen
・・・Adult & Child convination only
・・・can be purchased only at Osaka Symphony Orchestra and Izumi Hall Ticket Center
【Balcony seat】2,000yen
Child : Only for age 4~18 
※Infants (under age 3) are not allowed into the concert venue.

Projection Mapping Family ConcertVol.1

Projection Mapping Family ConcertVol.1
11:00, 15:00Wednesday, November 26, 2014
The Symphony Hall
Babies, Let's enjoy Orchestra!
with Projection Mapping
 Let's listen and sing FROZEN!!
 with topical Projection Mapping
You can enjoy Orchestra during one-hour concert in
     the weekday-daytime.
 Babies less than 12 months-old are allowed into the
    concert venue.
A room for suckling and change diapers and the place for
    your baby-baggies are prepared. 
 Mothers, why don't you enjoy Classics with your Babies
    at The Symphony Hall?
Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, Kids, Babies!
     Come together to The Symphony Hall!
★Rossini:from Opera “Guillaume Tell” :” March of the Swiss Soldiers ”
★Introduction about Instruments
★Joe Hisaishi/Hiroshi Aoshima : from Movie"Tonari no Totoro" “Sanpo "
★Mascagni:Opera “Cavalleria Rusticana” Intermezzo♬
★Let's play swinging in the  rhysm!
★From Disney's Animated Feature FROZEN
★Tchaikovsky:Ballet “The Nutcracker” “Valse des fleurs”♬
♬・・・with Projection Mapping
According to an unavoidable situation,  music and the order
   of the performance  may be changed.
   Please understand the situation beforehand.    
organaized by:
Osaka Symphony Orchestra/The Symphony Hall  
Kiyotaka Teraoka
Cond.: Kiyotaka Teraoka (Permanent Conductor)
Sohei Arai, Kazumi Yamamoto
Sohei Arai, Kazumi Yamamoto
Ticket Prices (consumption tax included)
S【Adult】2,000yen /S【Child 】1,000yen
 A【Adult】1,500yen/ A【Child 】    500yen
※Child : Aged 0 ~ Elem.Student
※B : Only for Adults
Priority Release Date : September 19, 2014, Friday
▶Sinfonia Members
▶Osaka Symphony Orchestra
General Release Date : September 20, 2014, Saturday

"Kando no Daiku"Beethoven SymphonyNo.9

"Kando no Daiku"Beethoven SymphonyNo.9
川瀬 賢太郎
Kentaro Kawase  
14:00, Saturday, December 27, 2014
The Symphony Hall
Cond.: Kentaro Kawase
Soprano: Shoko Fukuda
Alt: Yukiko Tanaka
Tenor: Masahiro Yamanaka
Baritone: Masahiko Hare
福田祥子 田中友輝子
S.Fukuda Y.Tanaka 
Wagner: Einzug der Gäste “Freudig begrüßen wir
              die edle Halle“ from „Tannhäuser“
Wagner: Isoldes Liebestod „Mild und leise wie
              er lächelt“ from „Tristan und Isolde“
Wagner: Brünnhildes Schlussgesang
             „Starke Scheite schichtet mir dort“
               from „Götterdämmerung“
Beethoven : Symphony No.9 in D minor,"Choral" op.125
山中雅博 晴雅彦
M.Yamanaka   M.Hare  
S6,000yen / A5,000yen/B3,500yen/C2,500yen
※D can be purchased only on Osaka Symphony Orchestra website.)
Organ Seat  2,000yen 
Youth ticket 1,000yen         
※Youth Tickets are for students 25 years old and younger.
※You may be asked to show your I.D. when you get the
   ticket at the hall on the concert day.
※Youth Tickets can be purchased only by Telephone or e-mail.
※Consumption tax included.
※Pre-school age children are not allowed into the concert venue.
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